Damara sheep - pet lambs, breeding ewes and rams

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Posted by lwarren (Kiewa Valley, 45km east of Wodonga, VIC) on 21-Aug-15 01:04 PM AEST
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Purebred damaras. Several bloodlines. Quality stock from around Australia. Ex Damfattail Damaras.

EWES - ewe lambs approx. 6-10 months, most near breeding age
$120 ea
RAMS - From $125-$250. Including hand raised. Mostly 6-12 months old. A few older rams.

PET LAMBS: A variety of pets from a few days to a few months old. Ewes and rams/wethers. POA as depends on sex and age of lamb, and pickup date.
Generally $75-$125. The sooner you pick it up,the cheaper it is.

Ph 0400 325 199 or email
No time wasters
NLIS tagged and paperwork, so please have a PIC number or ask me how to get one.

Damara sheep - pet lambs, breeding ewes and rams      

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