XB Lambs 45 x 6month old + also heaps Ewes + LambsAF, + Ram

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Posted by aussie63 (Sydney, Austral NSW Fully Mobile Shearing & Stock Serices) on 25-Aug-15 06:47 AM AEST
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Hi we have new stock in;

45 x XB lambs weather & ewe, 185.00 each. price is FIRM.!! will give discount if taking 5 or more ONLY

Also heaps of OLDER SHEEP FOR SALE many Ewes are in lamb & some Ewe's have Lambs at foot. Also 2014 last season lambs for sale 9 months old, and top quality Rams, Ewe's & Weathers 4 SALE

Older Sheep are under 2 to 3 to 4 year old

Breeds are;

Border leister

Blk Suff

Cross Breeds



ALL THE OLDER STOCK IS FROM $85 to $185 and over for Rams & Stud Ewe's

We have new stock coming in weekly and can take back orders.

All sheep are in Excellent Health, Drenched⁄Backline⁄Toes & Vaccinated 5 in 1 and NLIS tagged and ready to go.

You will need a PIC # before we can sell or call me and I will explain how you get a PIC # or call your local NSW

Department of Primary Industries Livestock Health and Pest Authorities (LHPA) Department of Primary Industries NSW - NLIS

ALL OUR SHEEP SALES ARE DONE BY PHONE CALLS ONLY or On-Site; You need to Call me, please dont send Emails or SMS, I will reply to Email or SMS if you supply your Name & Best contact phone number and a clear message of what you want then I will call you. (I get way too many SMS & Emails and I will not do PPM "Ping-Pong Messages" YOU WILL NEED TO CALL ME)

Call me in Business hours ONLY (M-F 8am to 4pm & Sat 8am to 1pm)


Cheers Steve

XB Lambs 45 x 6month old + also heaps Ewes + LambsAF, + Ram      

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