Persian x Damara ram lamb

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Posted by 4Sstud (Sunshine Coast ) on 7-Dec-15 06:42 AM AEST
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4 month old Persian x Damara ram lamb.
Persian sheep are still quite rare in Australia - they are a small breed (about half the size of most other breeds) and very placid.

Persian and Damara sheep are hardy, hair sheep that don't require shearing, docking or mulesing. They store all their fat in their tails (Damara) or rear ends (Persians). Their meat has less fat through it as a result. They both come in a variety of colours and they have tough hides (great for tanning).

Both breeds are very goat like in their grazing behavior - they love to browse weeds as well as pasture, often they prefer the weed to grass making them great paddock buddies to horses. Being smaller they are also great for orchards and hobby farmers - cleaning up the weeds between rows of fruit trees and eating some of the fallen fruit or producing meat on small acreages.

This little ram will produce beautifully coloured lambs which wont need tail docking and depending on the breed of their mum may not need shearing.
He is vaccinated and will be Q drenched upon sale.

$200 neg

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Persian x Damara ram lamb  

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