Damara sheep, ewes and rams

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Posted by lwarren (NE VIC (40km from Wodonga)) on 8-May-16 04:31 PM AEST
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Purebred damaras.
Maiden ewes unjoined $130 ea
3 1/2 year old ewes, $120 ea
Rams from $150-$200 ea
Quality stock. NLIS tagged.
May Special (pick up before the end of the month) - 10 of the mature ewes $1000. Only one package at this price. These are my own breeders. Cutting numbers. Purebred. Born Nov-Dec 2012.

Rams - good selection of young rams. All purebred.
Hand raised animals among them.

One pet wether, raised on the bottle. Pretty black and white, about 6 months old. $120.
Is a black ram about 1 year old who is a lovely fella but not really stud material. They can come as a pair. Great pets and mowers. Very friendly. Perfect shedders. $250 the pair.


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