Purebred Suffolk Sheep

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Posted by Morsa01 (Fernvale Qld) on 27-Dec-16 04:43 PM AEST
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URGENT SALE - For sale our purebred and X bred suffolk sheep. We have 1 purebred Suffolk Ram, 4 x purebred Suffolk Ewes (1 with 4 week ram lamb) and 1 purebred ewe lamb 6 months old.
2 Border Leister Ewes ( 1 with 4 week ram lamb).
Very good quite sheep, all been wormed and fed grain and hay daily. Excellent grass eaters. Single Ewes are $100.00 each, ewe lamb is $70.00, Ewe and lamb units are $125.00. The ram is purebred and excellent worker @ $150.00.

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