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Boer Goats For Sale

Boer Goats For Sale

Posted by ArmstrongOrganics (Trunkey Creek) on 24-Oct-18 12:11 PM AEST
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We have 136 goats for sale. Can be sold separately or as an entire herd. Majority standard boer colours. 2 does are painted.

30 doe kids - $350 each + GST
20 buck kids - $350 each + GST
12 weathers - $125 each + GST
70 Does (majority in kid or kids at foot) - $450 + GST

Kids that are not yet weaned are $200 + GST and to be sold with their mothers.

4 month old commercial buck (show bloodlines) - $450 + GST

Mature Bucks to either be sold as part of the entire herd OR sold last after all does and kids are re-homed. They are very muscly boys:

12 month old commercial buck (show bloodlines) - $550 + GST
2.5 year old commercial buck (show bloodlines) - $1000 + GST
12 month old registered buck (show bloodlines) - $1000 + GST

All animals are up to date with drenches and 5 in 1 injections.

We don't spray for weeds on our property. These goats have had plenty of pasture and weeds to eat all winter so haven't needed to be placed on hay. They are being fed well and provided with goat blocks and trace element blocks to help with added vitamins needed in their diet.

They are trained with all types of fencing including plain line electric, hinge joint, hinge joint with electric offset, and portable electric chicken netting.

Our goats come when called, and are pat every day to keep them calm. They are used to Maremma and Labrador Dogs.

Plenty of access for trucks and trailers. Goat yards with adjustable ramp on site.

To contact please email or text/phone 0414 865 227.

Stock come from 4 of the best bloodlines in Australia.

You won't be disappointed.

Listed in: Goats for Sale
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