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Preg Testing

Posted by cattlebreeding (South Australia) on 24-Oct-18 12:10 PM AEST
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Cattle preg testing via Blood Samples from as little as $9.90 per animal for 10 samples. Accurate test results back within hours confirming Pregnant or Empty status. Accurate from 28 days from last mating. $44.60 for one sample sliding scale down to $9.90 for 10 samples. You can take the bloods or one of our staff will come and do it for you. With limited paddock feed, high hay costs (if you can source any) this will help with herd management. We can also arrange for an AI program to be done on non pregant cows and heifers. We service most areas of SA on a regular basis. Do the maths, preg test and then AI it makes $ense.

Listed in: Cattle Equipment and Supplies
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