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Sheep with lambs for sale

Sheep with lambs for sale

Posted by L Richards (Gympie region) on 10-Aug-19 12:10 PM AEST
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Lambs now 1 - 3 weeks old.
Prefer to sell in groups (ie, 3 ewes or more) for herd comfort.
All in good health with drench and other history available.
All lambs - tails docked, and castration bands applied to males.
Registered with Biosecurity Qld.

Colours: Ewes are white, black, or a mix of both colours. Some twins are of different colour (and all very cute).

We'd love to keep them all but with recent increase in numbers, we need to reduce flock size to sustain health and wellbeing.

$220 per sheep with single lamb
$300 per sheep with twin lambs
$120 for 8-12 month old lambs or ewes currently without lambs

Photos attached as a guide to appearance, size and colours.

Contact us by email and leave a phone number so we can call you for a chat about what you are looking for.
We're still deciding exactly which ones to keep or sell. Some we are more attached to than others., but these mums have all been part of our 'family' for a while, and we'd prefer to sell them for pet/friendship and breeding than for meat where possible.

Although only certain ones are tame enough to stroke and cuddle, they are all used to being in close contact with us, and are used to coming in at night due to predators in the area. With regular hand-feeding, they become more comfortable with handling if this is desired by people wanting them more as semi-useful and affordable pets.

Listed in: Sheep for Sale
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