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Huaycaya Dark Grey and Solid Bay Black female Alpacas

Posted by Pintettea (Kobble Creek QLD) on 3-Jan-20 08:05 PM AEST
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Tiffany (Durundur Tiffany) 21/12/2013 and is a Huaycaya Dark Grey.

Ulyssa (Durundur Ulyssa) 28/12/2014 and is a Huaycaya Solid Bay Black.

Both have been kept as a pet, grazing the paddocks as our lawnmowers.

Sadly a change in our circumstances has meant we need to find a home for them both as we have to move for work to a residential property that is unable to accommodate them.

Both are registered and with their papers we are asking $1000 each. Offers under $1000 each will be sold without their papers.

Listed in: Alpacas
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